Abrasive tools industry situation

During grinding, abrasives or abrasive tools are usually used as grinding tools to treat parts to be processed.
Machining is carried out to make it meet certain technical requirements. (1) The global abrasives market will continue to grow
Steady growth. Abrasives can also be divided into ordinary abrasives and superhard abrasives according to their physical properties.
Hard abrasives refer to natural diamond, synthetic diamond and boron nitride. Abrasives are in the processing process
The processing tools that play the role of grinding, grinding and polishing are called “industrial teeth”.
It is often formed by bonding the abrasive grains with a binder. According to Industry Research data, 2019
The global abrasives market is valued at USD 41.54 billion, and the market size is expected to reach 2030
84.84 billion US dollars, a compound growth rate of 6.6%. With the development of construction and manufacturing, the global mill
The furniture market will maintain rapid growth. Bonded abrasives are the largest category, and coated abrasives have great potential.
According to the data of grand view research, the global fixed abrasives accounted for the total market size in 2020
With a mold ratio of 43%, bonded abrasives remain the largest market. Coated abrasives are widely used,
In industrially developed countries, the output value of coated abrasives accounts for about 40% of the total output value of abrasives.
Attached abrasives will have a greater growth rate in the future. (2) my country’s market is undergoing changes. my country Mill
The size of the abrasive tool market exceeds 200 billion. In 2020, the import value of my country’s abrasive tools will be 620 million US dollars.
The export value was 2.64 billion US dollars, and the trade surplus was as high as 2.02 billion US dollars. From 2015 to 2019,
The annual output of bonded abrasives in my country is maintained at about 700,000 to 800,000 tons, of which resin abrasives are ceramic products.
More than twice as much as porcelain abrasives, it is the most important bonded abrasives. my country’s medium and low-end abrasives have excess capacity, environmental pressure and economic development model changes will gradually be eliminated
With backward production capacity, the industry will continue to change, and backward production capacity will continue to be cleared.

Post time: Jun-28-2022