Knowledge of resin grinding wheel hardness selection

For professionals who are often used to grind cutting tools, there is research in selecting the hardness and softness of the grinding wheel. Here is some common sense for you to talk about the grinding wheel:
If the grinding wheel is selected too hard, the blunt abrasive particles will not fall off easily, the grinding wheel will be easily blocked, the grinding heat will increase, the workpiece will be easily burned, and the grinding efficiency will be low; it will affect the surface quality of the workpiece; if the grinding wheel is selected too soft, the abrasive particles will fall off when it is still sharp. , increasing the grinding wheel loss, easy to lose the correct geometry, affecting the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the selection of the hardness of the grinding wheel should be appropriate, and it should also be comprehensively considered according to the size of the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, the shape of the workpiece, the grinding method, the cooling method, and the type of bonding agent of the grinding wheel. The following grinding wheel hardness selection principles are for reference:
a. When grinding soft materials, a harder grinding wheel should be selected, and when grinding hard materials, a soft grinding wheel should be selected;
b. When grinding soft and tough non-ferrous metals, the hardness should be softer;
c. For grinding materials with poor thermal conductivity, a softer grinding wheel should be selected;
d. When face grinding is compared with circumferential grinding, the hardness of the grinding wheel should be softer;
e. Under the same grinding conditions, the hardness of the resin bond grinding wheel is 1~2 grades higher than that of the vitrified bond grinding wheel;
f. When the rotation speed of the grinding wheel is high, the hardness of the grinding wheel can be selected as soft 1~2 grades;
g. Grinding with coolant is 1 to 2 grades higher than the hardness of the grinding wheel during dry grinding.

Post time: Jun-07-2022