Advantages of resin bonded abrasive discs

Resin bonded abrasive wheels has the characteristics of high strength, usually used in cutting discs, double ends, polishing wheels, etc.

The resin bonded abrasive discs has good elasticity and strong stability, there will be no dangerous accidents in normal operatio. Grassland abrasive has always adhered to the business philosophy of “products at the same price are better than quality, and products of the same quality are better than price”. The products are widely used in shipbuilding, construction, machinery and auto parts with the characteristics of “professional, safe, precise and efficient”. Precision cutting of cables, flexible shafts, brake lines, hardware accessories such as springs, piston rings, screws, magnets such as amorphous, silicon steel, and silicon steel, as well as electronic materials, composite materials and other products.

Abrasive discs are consumables. GRASSLAND uses high-quality raw materials to strictly control the particle size distribution and formula ratio of abrasive grains to achieve uniform density, flatness and durability of cutting discs. Ensure fast, stable and accurate cutting, bright and smooth cut surface, and reduced cutting burn loss. With high wear resistance and a large number of cuts, it does not need to change the cutting discs frequently, which can effectively speed up the production progress.

Post time: Aug-02-2023