Global Abrasives Market Report (2022 to 2027) – Industry Trends

coated abrasives

The global abrasives market reached a value of US$ 42.9 Billion in 2021. Looking forward, expects the market to reach US$ 58.0 Billion by 2027, Abrasives refer to mineral-based substances that are used for polishing, grinding and cleaning surfaces.
As they help remove excess sizing, slicing and material, they are commonly employed in the manufacturing of intricate components or creating ultra-smooth surfaces for machines and aircraft. They also find extensive application in the automotive sector for lowering noise levels, minimizing carbon emissions and manufacturing automotive parts, such as mirrors, valve springs and fuel and de-aeration tanks.
This, along with the increasing utilization of abrasives for reducing CO2 emissions of high-performance engines and noise levels in automobiles, is strengthening the growth of the market. Moreover, the thriving electronics and manufacturing industries act as another growth-inducing factor.

Faced with this situation, in addition to our main product cutting disc,cut off wheels,grinding disc for metal,etc, we have launched new products such as sandpaper and sanding discs or belt, flap wheel, fibre disc,wool  felt  disc wheel, and strip wheel for paint removal.

Based on the currently overwhelming demand, we hope to become your reliable and trusted supplier, and help you to meet your current production and clientele demands

Post time: Jul-28-2023