16 Inch 400mm Inox Resinoid Abrasive Cut Off Wheel

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16 Inch 400mm Inox Resinoid Abrasive Cut Off Wheel


Abrasive: Aluminium Oxide Color: Black
Hardness: R Max Working Speed: 80 M/S
Grit Size: 24#,30# Iterm NO.: FAC4003025
Application: Ferrous Metal And Inox Bonding Agent: Resin Bonded
Arbor Size: 1 In Disc Type: Flat Cutting Disc
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400mm Abrasive Cut Off Wheel


16 Inch Abrasive Cut Off Wheel


400mm Resinoid Cutting Off Wheels

Grassland 16 Inch Cut Disc 400mm Inox Resinoid Cutting-Off Wheels



Outer Diameter = 400mm (16")

Thickness = 2.8mm

Bore Dia = 25.4mm (1")

Grade = A 36 BF

Max Speed = 3850m/min

Compliant with EN12413, marked accordingly.

Extra reinforced with high strength glass fibre.

Standard flat profile (Type 41).

Suitable for peripheral speeds of 80m/s (ie most hand held petrol saws).

Grassland cutting discs are made from premium grade materials and offer fast cutting and long blade life in one Produced to the highest of standards these wheels are designed for fabricators and engineers that need a blade that not only cuts quickly but also has a good blade life.The content of Iron,sulphur and chlorine less than 0.1%.

Grassland Cut-off or cutting wheels are a flat shape and may be called by the designation of type, with Type 01 being the most popular. The straight cut-off wheel mounts on a cutting machine across the arbor between even sized flanges that usually have a slight relief. Cut-off wheels can be used on a number of different machines from circular saws to right angle grinders, chop saws, stationary saws, high-speed saws and walk-behind saws. Each saw will indicate the type of cutting wheel that can be used properly.

Description of goods Item No Specification Unit PCS/CTN N.W./G.W.(KGS) CARTON SIZE(CM)
Flat cutting disc for inox/Alu 80m/s FSC0751009 T41-75X1.0X9.5MM PC 800 9/10 34*17*17
FSC0751695 T41-75X1.6X9.5MM PC 800 14/15 34*20*17
FSC1001016 T41-100X1.0X16MM PC 400 8.5/9.5 22*22*15.7
FSC1002016 T41-100X2.0X16MM PC 400 15/16 29.7*22*22
FSC1151022 T41-115X1.0X22.2MM PC 400 11/12 24.5*24.5*15.7
FSC1151622 T41-115X1.6X22.2MM PC 400 14/15 24.5*24.5*19.2
FSC1152022 T41-115X2.0X22.2MM PC 200 9.5/10.5 24.5*24.5*13.2
FSC1251022 T41-125X1.0X22.2MM PC 400 13/14 26.5*25.6*15.7
FSC1251622 T41-125X1.6X22.2MM PC 400 17/18 26.5*25.6*19.2
FSC1252022 T41-125X2.0X22.2MM PC 200 10.5/11.5 26.5*26.5*13.2
FSC1501622 T41-150X1.6X22.2MM PC 200 12/13 32*32*11.7
FSC1502022 T41-150X2.0X22.2MM PC 200 16.5/17.5 32*32*13.2
FSC1801622 T41-180X1.6X22.2MM PC 200 20/21 37.5*19*22.7
FSC1802022 T41-180X2.0X22.2MM PC 100 10.5/11 37.5*19*13.2
FSC2301622 T41-230X1.6X22.2MM PC 50 8/9 24*24*11.7
FSC2302022 T41-230X2.0X22.2MM PC 100 18.5/19.5 24*24*25.7
Flat cutting disc for inox 80m/s FSC3003225 T41-300X3.2X25.4MM PC 25 13/14 30*30*9.5
FSC3004025 T41-300X4.0X25.4MM PC 25 14/15 30*30*11
FSC3503225 T41-350X3.2X25.4MM PC 25 17/18 35.5*35.5*9.5
FSC3504025 T41-350X4.0X25.4MM PC 20 17/18 35.5*35.5*9.5
FSC4003225 T41-400X3.2X25.4MM PC 25 22/23 40*40*9.5
FSC4004025 T41-400X4.0X25.4MM PC 20 22/23 40*40*9.5

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