GRASSLAND Abrasive Poly clean and Strip disc Wheel for paint removal or rust removal.

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These stripping discs are ideal for stripping paint, remove rust, oxidation and cleaning welds. Can be used on materials such as aluminum, non-ferrous metal, stainless steel, steel, stone, titanium, wood and fiber glass.

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Uses high-strength wear-resistant fiber mesh as the base material,available in coarse and medium grit and are for use with an angle grinder, roloc machine, die grinder or drill. Available in 3” 75mm / 4” 100mm / 4.5” 115mm / 5” 125mm / 6” 150mm and 7” 180mm.
Machines Used On:Die Grinders and hand-held pneumatic grinders
Ideal for clearing welds,removing corrosion,rust,scale,paints.without an excessive stock removal thus leaving a clean manageable surface to work on.


Features: High strength, less vibration and quieter, less dust, efficiency and wear-resisting. The special mesh-structured can cooler the strip disc itself. The strip disc does not damage the surface of the workpiece or object. It has a uniform grinding force, strong water resistance and strong plasticity.

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