GRASSLAND Abrasives’ Preparation Germany Cologne International Hardware Fair 2022.9

Germany Cologne International Hardware Fair is the largest and most influential professional exhibition of hardware products in the world. It is held every two years.
There will be 2,770 exhibitors from 58 countries and regions. The exhibition area of ​​Cologne Hardware is 180,000 square meters. The products involve five categories of products: grinding and cutting tools, small industrial equipment, fasteners, locks and household items. 47,000 industry visitors from 143 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. The exhibition consists of four categories: tools, security systems and locks, fastener technology and household products. It will attract retailers, suppliers and buyers from related fields around the world to gather here.
In the current hardware industry market, the German hardware exhibition has a large market, and with the progress of time, the demand is gradually increasing, and, according to the nature of Germans, they will definitely use hardware tools, Germany will definitely become the main market for hardware industry consumption. Comfortable and labor-saving tools are popular in Germany. A smooth handle that helps to grip the tool and an aesthetically pleasing appearance are important factors in their desire to buy. In terms of tool types, power tools are now increasingly popular. Europe is a large consumer group of various hardware products, which provides an opportunity for the development of Chinese enterprises. Our resin grinding wheel cutting discs have a wide range of applications, high durability, and are suitable for international European safety standards. International buyers are also well-known for product performance.
This year we have applied for this exhibition, 2022.09.25-09.28, and the address is at the Cologne International Exhibition Center in Germany. Looking forward to meeting with you for business communication

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Post time: Jul-05-2022