How to distinguish between ceramic grinding wheel and resin grinding wheel

First, the binding agent is different:
The vitrified bond grinding wheel is an inorganic bond, while the resin grinding wheel bond is an organic bond.
Second. The properties and uses of the two types of grinding wheels are different:
1. Ceramic grinding wheel: Because its binder is ceramic, its chemical composition is stable, heat-resistant, water-resistant, strong, but brittle.
This type of grinding wheel is used in most cases. Such as the outer garden grinder and the surface grinder, because the grinding wheel will generate a lot of heat when it is working, it is better to use a ceramic bond to wash and cool it with water.
2. Resin grinding wheel: Resin is an organic binder, so it has high elasticity and strength. However, the firmness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance are poor.
When the grinding wheel is used for grinding with an end face, a resin-based grinding wheel is used; when cutting materials, a thin-film resin-bonded grinding wheel can be used; when the grinding wheel speed is high, a resin-bonded grinding wheel is used.
Ceramic grinding wheel is a grinding wheel made of vitrified bond diamond. It has high strength, good heat resistance, sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, not easy to heat and block during grinding, and small thermal expansion to control machining accuracy.
Resin grinding wheel is a grinding wheel made of resin with high strength. It is used in cutting discs, double end faces, heavy duty grinding wheels, polishing wheels and so on. It has the characteristics of certain elasticity, low heat resistance, good self-sharpening, simple production and short process cycle; it is widely used in rough grinding, rough grinding, cutting and free grinding, such as grinding steel ingots, casting burrs, etc.

Post time: Apr-29-2022